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Tenerife is a very popular place right now when it comes to renting long term in Tenerife, never has the demand for properties been so high.

Only a few years ago you could rent a one bedroom property on a good complex for around 500 to 600 euros with all bills included. But now don’t be surprised to see the same property being rented out for 800 to 1000 euros with bills on top.

I know it’s crazy but these are the sort of prices they are going for, and they do get rented out.

Now there is not a lot anyone can do if an owner wants a certain amount of money each month for their property or they also say bills on top. It’s their choice and you can either pay the going rate or look elsewhere. Even in areas way out the way of the tourist areas prices have gone right through the roof (pardon the pun).

But not only are the prices of properties going up and up, so are these so called finders fees.

I have seen people on Facebook pages offering property for rent with these such fees and it’s just impossible for many to be able to afford these cost. A huge amount of these people offering property for rent are not agents, they will not have an office or a website and for sure will not be paying any tax. They are very reluctant to give information about these fees hence you will see all too often please PM me (private message).

So for example if an owner wants their property rented out they will pay a finder’s fee of one month’s rent let’s say 800 euros to these so called agents, and these finders will also charge the new tenant the same, another sum of 800 euros. So not bad few hours work, 1,600 and a contract fee on top of all that no doubt.

But don’t be surprised if you have problems with the property or you need to ask for a new oven or any assistance these people will not be there to help.

Not so long ago and still a practice we here at Properties Are Us use is 1 months’ rent and 1 months deposit, which of course is returned after the tenant leaves. But we do charge a contract fee of 150 euros, we do not charge the owner any finder’s fee either, we instead look at the bigger picture and get a small monthly fee from the owner so more of a passive income unlike other illegal folk who are just out to get a quick pay day.

Now I noticed a page on Facebook that is trying it’s best to get owners and tenants together without paying these silly cost. So fingers crossed more owners will get to know about this and be able to save money just like the tenants.

We do have from time to time rental properties come up for rent, and when we do, we put them on our Facebook page to our clients first.

So like us on our page and you will get to see our rental properties first.

If you are an owner and need advice on renting with us then please feel free to contact us.

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