Playa de Las Americas

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Playa de Las Americas is almost entirely touristic in nature.

Lots of hotels and apart-hotels.

Noisy bars, nightclubs etc but there are also quieter areas. It´s important to do your research when buying in Las Americas to ensure you understand what is around you and that it is exactly what you are looking for. There are two big areas where the nightlife is concentrated, Veronicas and The Patch. Activity in these places goes on until 6am along with the accompanying noise so ensure before buying that you are not too close to either of these places unless of course you will be in these areas yourself until the early hours!

Some of the most popular complexes in Las Americas are the Parque Santiago complexes of which there are 4 in total. Prices on some of these can be upto 300,000€ for a studio! There are also much cheaper properties for sale in Las Americas though and a decent can be had for a s low as 60,000€.