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Properties Are Us is an estate agent situated in the south of Tenerife. The company team have been residents on the island for many years.

The day to day running of the business is by Michelle and Stuart Smith.

Michelle and I have lived in Tenerife for over 25 years, we have great knowledge and experience of the island. We appreciate the place we have chosen to live and now love and call home. You can follow me and chat if you are on Google+ or check my business page on Facebook

We pride ourselves in being honest, professional, reliable and hardworking people. We will go out of way to ensure our customers get what they desire.

When you first come to Tenerife and wish to buy a property, there are so many things that you may be uncertain of. We are here to offer you guidance from the very beginning. We will also assist you with the ins and outs of the legal requirements when buying a property in Tenerife, putting you in touch with our professional English speaking bank managers.

Unlike many other agents on the Island we don’t and won’t list properties we feel are overpriced hence the fact we have around 50 properties. We feel it’s impossible to manage professionally 1,000 properties. Most have been on the market for years just sitting there hoping someone might come along one day. We at Properties Are Us work with property owners who are willing to work with us in order to get them a quick sale. We have a great team here in the office both myself and my wife along with our new member of staff Gordon and between us we have almost 70 years experience living in Tenerife.

We have knowledge and information on the local and private schools, doctors, hospitals, private health insurance, supermarkets, shops, etc. Anything you wish to know about the area you are considering buying we can advise you. We have our own team of Canarian builders all fully legal and fully insured whom work to a very high standard. We can also provide details of the best furniture shops should anyone buying a property want to put their own stamp on it. There is a lot to know when it comes to buying a property but one thing for sure we will guide you through it step by step.


We can also offer
Full management and after care service.

We at Properties are Us appreciate how stressful buying a property is in any country–that’s why we promise to make things as easy and smooth running as it can be.

At properties are us, we are by far The friendliest estate agents you will ever meet!